Race Branding & Marketing

The success of your race or event is greatly impacted by how it looks and how you relay it to your community. Let us handle the branding and marketing while you focus on gathering sponsors so your event can be the best it can possibly be.



This is often the very first visual possible registrants will have of your race or event. This is usually a pretty hard step for most race directors as most are not graphic designers. Trying to do this yourself or have a friend of a friend do it can result in some mistakes that will only snowball into problems down the line when print, t-shirts, and digital graphics come in to play.

When we design event logos we are intentional with the process and take everything into consideration. From print to digital and everything in between.



Believe it or not there is a science to a social media plan. What Time to post? What is your demographic? Who is my demographic?How often should I post? When do I start promoting posts? Do I need to promote posts? AHHHHH! Social media platforms are YOUR VOICE. This is how you will sell your race or event and also how you tell your story.

We specialize in creating scheduled strategic campaigns that are intentional and allow you to get your message out there at the right time and in the correct way. All the while keeping your branding in tact and relevant.



As rewarding as a 5k or any race or event can be, it’s nice for your registrants to walk away will something they love and will want to wear or use after the event is over. It’s free advertising for next years event! If it’s in a pile at the bottom of a closet with the rest of the ugly race t-shirts it doesn’t do anybody any good.

With over 15 years in event branding we know a thing or two about apparel and promotional items. This is a really easy part of the process to lose money and even more time. Let us assure that you are getting the best product from trusted vendors.



Professional photography can make the experience for the participant so much better. It can drive traffic to your social media platforms as well as your event website. It’s a digital world and people will want to share their experience. The best way to do this is photography that stands out from the rest.

Video is the single most effective media to promote your site. With video being almost 300% more effective than static ads its a no brainer. Good video production can be used to promote, inspire, and tell the story that needs to be told in the best possible vehicle.



Bibs and medals are not just identification and proof of finishing anymore. They are often hung on a wall or rack with pride. It’s important that all parts of your event have continuity with the message and branding.

These type of items often take special programs such as Adobe Illustrator to design to print house provided templates. It takes years and lots of mistakes to understand bleed specifications, safe zones, color profiles, Pantone matching systems, trim marks, die lines, etc…. Your time is much better spent gathering sponsors.



If you event or race is recurring than a home base for information is a must. Social media has its place but a website can lend a way better platform for your sponsors and registrants to get current details and viable information. With a website you can control the look and feel as much as needed to broadcast your brand the way it should be.

A website is also a great place to show images and video of your races as well as post timing results, scheduled training classes, links to sponsorships, and current news about the cause and purpose of your event.